Kharak Singh (Dr.)

Dr Kharak Singh was born on 12 th November 1922 at Village Rayya, Dist Amritsar, Punjab, India. A topper and a scholarship holder throughout, Dr Kharak Singh’s name stands on his school’s Board of Honour. After obtaining his Masters in Agronomy from Solan University, Punjab (now in HP), in 1952, he obtained another Masters and a Doctorate Degree in Agriculture Economics, in a record time, from Ohio State university, USA. On account of his qualifications and expertise, not only Governments of various states of India and the Centre, but also Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations sought his services. As a true Gursikh, he ever engaged himself in disseminating the message of Guru Granth Sahib, the scripture of the Sikhs. He was a member of the Dharam Prachar Committee, SGPC, Amritsar, and his name figured prominently on every committee formed by the same to address issues related to the Sikhs and their Faith. A prolific writer, he has edited and authored several books and well researched articles, highlighting the issues that need to be addressed, and founded institutions to cater to these. In short, his contribution towards safe-guarding, invigorating and propagating the Sikh value System, as preached by the Gurus, is immense, which shall aid in furthering the march of the Sikh Panth in particular and humanity in general towards its destined glory.

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