Songs of Life and Liberation : Gleanings from Guru Granth Saheb

by: Ashok Gupta

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  • Hardback
  • ISBN: 978-81-7026-400-2
  • Edition(s): reprint Dec-2017
  • Pages: 216
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These songs of Life and Liberation have been drawn from the oceanic “Guru Granth Saheb”, the Holy Book of the Sikhs, but essentially the Book for the entire humanity. The verses presented here have been translated into English and rendered into verse to enable the readers to imbibe the spiritual nourishment offered by them. This book has “Vani” (utterances) of mystics and saints, apparently of different persuasions but essentially of the same belief in One God, One Humanity, and the need to abide by His Laws and Will. Noticeably, it has verses of Guru Nanak, Kabir and Sheikh Farid and other Gurus, Mystics and Saints of India.

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