Bhupinder Singh Holland

S. Bhupinder Singh Holland was born in Amritsar, the city founded by Guru Ram Das Sahib. Here, he studied at Khalsa College and obtained B.Sc and B.Ed degrees. In college he was the best soccer player. He is a proud alumni of this institution. In prime of his youth, he moved to Holland (Netherlands) where he worked for the international firm IBM for more than three decades.

In Holland, he was one of the few Sikhs who preserved their religion and more actively contributed in religious, social, literary fields. He had relations with the Maharaja of Patiala, when the latter was Indian Ambassador in Holland. He was the chief of the International Sikh Youth Federation (Holland unit) as well as World Sikh Writers Conference (Holland branch). Now, he is well known in political and social circles. He is one of the most prominent Sikh in the Europe. He has earned several awards for his contribution to the society, especially the Sikh nation.

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