Julia Kristeva

by: Deepinderjeet Randhawa

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  • Hardback
  • ISBN: 978-0-9875342-4-8
  • Edition(s): Aug-2013 / 1st
  • Pages: 96
Importance of this monograph lies in conveying to the reader that Julia Kristeva’s theory that combines the poetic sign, the sacred, revolt, motherly semiotic-choric energies and the Symbolic, has been nearly practiced in the Punjabi texts. Dr. Randhawa has chosen to make her point by interpreting major Punjabi texts with special reference to; Guru Nanak Dev’s revelatory poem Barah Mah (16th c.) the Sufis, Bhai Vir Singh’s novel Sundari (late 19th c.) Puran Singh’s poem Noble Woman at Home (20th c.) and Amrita Pritam’s novel Pinjar (20th c.). The briefly discussed Punjabi texts are close to Kristeva’s vision of the poetic sign and literary text although the Punjabi perspective is free from the consciousness of Kristevan “split” and the Derridean kind of “Mourning” to recollect some primal loss. The monograph is certainly a contribution to inter-cultural dialogue and a welcome effort to locate the Punjabi literary identity in which even Kristeva is re-envisioned.

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