Nanak Singh (Novelist)

S. Nanak Singh (Novelist) (04.07.1897-28.12.1971) a Punjabi Novelist born to Lachhmi Devi and Bahadur Chandra in village Chak Hameed, District Jehlum, Pakistan. His earlier name was Hans Raj. He was married to Raj Kaur.

He was a whole time writer, and a Publisher. He could not continue his study due to the sudden death of his father. He was baptized and initiated to Sikhism under the influence of Giani Bagh Singh, the Head Granthi of Peshawar Gurdwara. His name was changed to Nanak Singh. He participated in Gurdwara Reform movement and went to jail. He read Munshi Prem Chand's novels in the jail and found the purpose of his life. He started writing novels to highlight the social evils prevalent in the society. His ideal characters would strive to change the society with their noble efforts. The impact of his characters on the readers is enormous. The plots of his novels are well-knit and his language of narration is powerful and full of Punjabi idioms and proverbs that readers couldn't leave the novel unfinished. His new novels were anxiously awaited by his keen readers. He reigned a generation of his readers for four decades.

He was awarded Sahit Akademi Award (1961) for his novel Ik Mian Do Talwaran.


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