Sovereign, Squire & Rebel Maharajah Duleep Singh

by: Peter Bance

  • ₹ 2,250.00 (INR)

  • ₹ 2,025.00 (INR)
  • Hardback
  • ISBN: 978-0-9561270-0-6
  • Edition(s): Jan-2009 / 1st
  • Pages: 200
  • Availability: In stock
The Story of Maharajah Duleep Singh and his heirs is told with astounding and dazzling imagery, with unseen photographs of his family and friends, along with an array of rich Sikh art from the period, with famous canvases commissioned by the Maharajah which have become masterpieces in their own right. His family, the ‘Heirs to the Lost Kingdom’ who become the godchildren of Queen Victoria, played their own part in the story of Britain’s first Sikh and Indian royal family, from being suffragette companions of Christabel Pankhurst, assisting Jews escape Nazi Germany, benefactors to East Anglia, founding a Norfolk Museum, patrons of numerous English establishments, marrying a Earl’s daughter, to holding a mysterious dormant Swiss bank account. The story of the Duleep Singh’s will surely keep every reader captivated.

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