Autobiography Of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

by: Randhir Singh (Bhai Sahib)

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  • Edition(s): Mar-2011 / 6th
  • Pages: 304
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This autobiography, originally compiled from his letters from various prisons and published in Punjabi, has been translated by Dr. Trilochan Singh, who was associated with the Saint during last 20 years of his life. To be translation Dr. Trilochan Singh has added a Lengthy introductory thesis based on through research work, throwing light on the Saint’s early life and giving fairly detailed account of Bhai Randhir Singh’s role in Rakabganj Affair and the Ghaddar Party Revolution. Some of the facts revealed by him are a significant contribution to the history of this period. They bring to light the achievement and result of the Ghadar Revolution, and its impact on subsequent phases of Freedom Movement.

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