Bawa Balwant

Bawa Balwant (00.08.1915-24.6.1972) a Punjabi Poet was born to Gian Devi and Dina Nath in village Neshta, district Amritsar.

His ancestors were the Royal Physician of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the knowledge of Persian was prevalent in his family. He learnt Persian and Urdu from his father and enjoyed the taste of Urdu poetry.

He came to Amritsar for a job and worked as a Calico printer and accountant. He was a revolutionary and progressive poet of Punjabi language. He used Indian Greek myths profusely in his poetry, which empowers his expressions. His creative prose too was informative.

He was not married and lived alone enjoying the company of his literary friends. Later he shifted to Delhi and died there with sun stroke. 

Language Department Punjab awarded him for his work Sugandh Samir in 1959.

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