Demeaning The Sikh Tradition: A Study of Mina Poetry

by: Simarjit Singh (Dr.)

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  • ISBN: 81-7205-377-0
  • Edition(s): Aug-2006 / 1st
  • Pages: 430
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Dr. Simarjit Singh’s work looks into the origin and history of the mina sect and places it in the broader context of Sectarian developments within early Sikhism. It discourses in detail the role played by self – claimed Gurus of Mina Sect especially Prithi Chand, Miharban and Harji. The author points out that the chief motive of Minas was to establish their own line of guruship. For it, they had devised various ways and means and tried their best to outwit the Sikh Gurus. The study brings to light the social, religious and political outlook the Minas in comparison to the main line of Sikhism. To establish themselves and moreover to propagate their ideals, the Mina gurus had churned out a volume of poetry using the name of ‘Nanak’ which posed a serious threat to the original spirit of Gurbani. The works produced by the Mina gurus which were available in the form of manuscripts, are being presented in this volume for the first time.
  • Dissenters and Origin of the Mina Sect / 25
  • Mina Sect : Rise and Fall / 43
  • Sources of Mina Poetry / 73
  • Analysis of Mina Poetry under Pen-name of ‘Nanak’ / 104
  • Conclusion / 136
  • The Text of Mina Poetry / 149-415