Early Sikh Scriptural Tradition Myth And Reality

by: Balwant Singh Dhillon (Dr.)

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  • ISBN: 81-7205-239-1
  • Edition(s): Dec-1999 / 1st
  • Pages: 308
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The book addresses to the issues that have cropped up from the textual studies of the Sikh scripture. It examines the various ways and means or the traditions through which the Gurbani was being transmitted in the pre-Adi Granth period. The study seeks to reiterate that before using the evidence of a document of a document of Gurbani, its authenticity, antiquity and authority need to be analyzed in an analytical and surgical manner. This work will be a significant contribution to the Adi Granth studies and with it some of the contentious issues originating from the understanding of the western scholars in respect to the formation of Sikh canon.
  • Gurbani and Its Transmission / 37
  • Guru Har Sahai Pothi : Myth of an Early Corpus of the Sikh Scripture / 64
  • The Goindwal Pothis : Myth and Reality / 89
  • MS # 1245 : Myth of an Early Draft Reconsidered / 183
  • Epilogue / 259

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