Gurdwaras In India And Around The World

by: Patwant Singh

  • ₹ 4,500.00 (INR)

  • ₹ 4,050.00 (INR)
  • Hardback
  • ISBN: 81-70002-065-4
  • Edition(s): Jan-1992 / 1st
  • Pages: 216
In this extraordinary book – the first of its kind ever published – the inspired text takes the reader on a magical exploration of the Darbar Sahib at Amritsar; of other historic Gurdwaras in India and Pakistan, and through many distant lands like Iran, Iraq, US, Canada, UK, Burma, Bangladesh and Australia where Sikhs have built noble edifices in honor of their faith. Published for the first time here are photographs of rare relics, paintings, weapons, armour, manuscripts, memorabilia and much else which provide valuable insights into those stirrings times during which the Sikhs were asserting with compassion, courage and valor – and against amazing Odds – their right to live by the spiritual, social and philosophic goals laid down by their Gurus.

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