History And Philosophy Of The Sikh Religion (2 Vols.)

by: Khazan Singh
Translated by: Prithipal Singh Kapur (Prof.), PVC-GNDU

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  • Edition(s): Jul-2021 / 3rd
  • Pages: 320
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The first comprehensive work on the history and religion of the Sikhs was produced by Khazan Singh, an Extra Assistant Commissioner. He was aware that many Sikhs and non-Sikhs had written on this subject. He had a lot of appreciation for the ‘splendid work’ of Macauliffe, and he looked upon the work of Giani Gian Singh as extremely useful. However, most of the works published by English writers were ‘extremely defective’ and ‘in many ways misleading’. A systematic account of the religion and history of the Sikhs, a truer and a fuller account, was needed. Towards this end, Khazan Singh published his work History and Philosophy of the Sikh Religion in two volumes in 1914 on the basis of nearly all the important sources available at that time.

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