History Of The Sikhs

by: Joseph Davey Cunningham

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-81-716-7764-1
  • Edition(s): Jan-2018 / 15th
  • Pages: 524
It is an authentic and eye-witness account of the First Anglo Sikh war (1845-1846) by an adjutant to British commander General Gough. The book reveals unsavoury acts by British to deceit and bribing top commanders (Jammu Dogra , Gulab Singh , Lal Singh & Teja Singh) to betray their sides. To reveal this truth, author was removed from political office and returned to his regiment in disgrace, and died at the age 39, after 2 years of broken heart. On the whole, this book is a genuine attempt to give Sikhism its place in general history of humanity.