Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia (Dr.)

Dr. Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia represented India   at   the   International   PEN Conference in Moscow in 1973. Seeing his turban and beard some delegates, informally,  asked  him  about  his religion. Dr. Ahluwalia could reply whatever he knew about Sikhism but he himself was not satisfied and resolved to study, in depth, doctrinal aspects of Sikhism. So, metaphorically, he says that he came to Sri Amritsar (Sikh Philosophy)  via  Moscow.  The  result was his seminal book - hailed as a classic - The Sovereignty of the Sikh Doctrine.  The  Times  of  India  in  a leading   article   described   it   as representing “a new level of critical excellence” deserving “close attention of  all  those  concerned  with  the intellectual  developments  in  India.” Angela  Dietrich  of  University  of Heidelberg, West Germany, hailed this book   as   “The   most   significant contribution to date to the sociology of Sikhism”.

The University of California, Berkeley Centre, invited him for a series of lectures on Sikhism in 2000. He was deputed as one of the two observers from Punjab, to participate in the Summit  of  Religious  and  Spiritual Leaders at the UN headquarters in 2000.

Dr.  Ahluwalia  has  been  hailed  as pioneer,  qua  a  poet,  of  the  experi-mentalist- modernist movement.

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