Piara Singh Padam (Prof.)

Piara Singh Padam (Prof.) (28.05.1921-01.05.2001) a Punjabi writer and academician was born to Nand Kaur and Gurnam Singh in village Ghungrana Pargana, district Ludhiana. He was married to Jaswant Kaur.

He started his career as a lecturer in Shaheed Sikh Missionary College, Amritsar (1943-1947). He has been the editor of Gurdwara Gazette of SGPC, Amritsar (1948-1950). Afterwards he joined Language Department PunjabPatiala (1950-1965) and also edited its magazine Punjabi Duniya. He was appointed Special Senior Oriental fellow of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Study department at Punjabi University, Patiala (1966-1983).

Prof. Padam was the product of traditional Sikh schooling and had a deep interest in old handwritten works. He was proficient in Braj and Folk literature. He had edited the medieval Punjabi literature after the scrutiny of old manuscripts. Credit also goes to him for introducing many forgotten Punjabi authors. His prose style is distinct and interesting. Some useful reference works on Sikh scriptures were also prepared by him.

He was awarded Punjabi Sahit Shriomani award (1977) by Language Department Punjab, Patiala, besides many other awards by numerous literary and Sikh Organization.

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