Pritam Singh Safeer

Pritam Singh Safeer (14.04.1916-31.03.1999) a mystic Punjabi Poet was born to Tejwant Kaur and Mehtab Singh in village Malakpur, District Rawalpindi, Pakistan, He was married to Amar Kaur.

He was a lawyer by profession. He had been the chairman of Bar Council, Delhi (1969-1978). After retirement he practised as a Senior Advocate at Supreme Court of India.

Justice Safeer was a mystic Punjabi Poet who followed the foot prints of Bhai Vir Singh. He was inspired by Gurbani and the tenth Sikh Guru. His poetic experience is mystical and his poetic imagery is based on Gurbani, nature and Indian mythology.

Punjabi Sahit Academi, Ludhiana awarded him Kartar Singh Dhaliwal Award (1938). He was awarded Shiromani Sahitkar Award by Language Department Punjab, Patiala (1966), besides many other awards by various literary forums.

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