Sikh Heritage In Paintings

by: K.S. Bains (S.), CMD Punjab & Singh Bank

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In the book conceived by Bains there are 119 paintings in all. Sikh history from the Gurus to Maharaja Ranjit Singh, is well represented. There is even one plate from the Gurdwara Reform Movement. A set of paintings illustrate the "Barah Maha Tukhari" of Guru Nanak. Sikh themes have been carefully and wisely selected - such as the dignity of labor, equality of women, love of mankind, helping the needy, etc. Each scene beautifully illustrates a lesson from Sikh history and drives it home clearly and forcefully. Each painting is accompanied by a tastefully written and informative commentary in English describing the scene. An appendix provides the same information in Punjabi and Hindi.

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