Surjit Singh Gandhi (Principal)

Prof. Surjit Singh Gandhi is a known authority on the History of Sikhs. His outstanding works, in addition to the present one, are History of the Sikh Gurus, Struggle of the Sikhs for Sovereignty, Perspectives on Sikh Gurdwaras Legislation and Punjab under the Great Mughals; the last one written at the behest of University Grants Commission, New Delhi. He has contributed a number of Research Papers to various journals of repute. He has also the privilege of writing for the Encyclopedia of Sikhism. He has been honored by the Chief Khalsa Diwan and Punjabi Society Texas, USA. His works are marked for details, in-depth analysis, erudition, clarity and lucidity.

            He served the Punjab Education Department for thirty-four years, first as a senior Lecturer and then as a Principal. After this, he was called upon to take up the job of Incharge, Sikh Itihas Research Board and Sikh Reference Library, S.G.P.C., Amritsar. Now he is engaged in writing of the History of the Sikhs since Partition.

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