The Singh Sabha And Other Socio-Religious Movements In The Punjab (1850-1925)

by: Ganda Singh (Dr.)

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  • Edition(s): Jan-1997 / 3rd
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In view of the celebration of centenary of the Singh Sabha movement in the country in 1973, this issue of the Panjab Past and Present is being devoted to it. In order to understand the historical background of this movement and to study its impact on the life of the people, articles on the Nirankari and Kuka movements, the Chief Khalsa Diwan and its Educational Committee, the Gurdwara Reform movement and some other allied subjects have also been included in this issue. Movement such as the Brahmo Samaj, the Arya Samaj, the Dev Samaj, the chet Ramis and the Ahmadiyahs also belong to this period. Articles on these have been included in this volume as well.

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