Bawa Balwant

by: Kulbir Singh Kaang

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 81-260-0562-9
  • Edition(s): Jan-1998 / 1st
  • Pages: 77
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Bawa Balwant (1905-1974) eminent Punjabi writer, was influenced by the literary atmosphere prevalent during his young days in Amritsar. He diligently studied as much of Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu poetry as he could. His first collection of poems. Maha Nach was published in 1940. Bawa Balwant’s poetry is experiential but the rhetoric of Urdu poetry in Marxist philosophy at the popular level also greatly influenced him. “He is an artist who deftly combines beauty, ethics and truth in his work.” Bawa Balwant was a versatile prose writer too. His essays like his poetry, are inimitable and distinctive. Satire and irony mark his essays. He discussed philosophilcal issues only through this genre.

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