Bhai Jaita’s Sri Gur Katha

by: Neeti Singh (Dr.)

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  • Edition(s): Aug-2015 / 1st
  • Pages: 143
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Bhai Jaita's Sri Gur Katha provides substantial reading on both the author and the text. We bring to you. In English, an excellent translation of the little known epic poem of Bhai Jaita (also known as Bhai Jivan Singh) from the 17"' century battle- fields of Punjab. A foreword by Professor Raj Kumar Hans constructs an informed and scholarly framework around the text, in terms of Sikh history, ideology and dalit Dynamics, then and now. An introduction by the translator speaks of the scholarship potential the Katha holds as a source text for historians, anthropologists, social scientists and researchers in religious and literary studies. In the larger context of Gurbani and Bhakti poetics, the Srl Gur Katha emerges as a text furnished by local and transnational poetic traditions which in turn were influenced by the dust-storms of religious confluence and conflict. Of this, the Katha text is both an expression and an extension; as on the one hand it subsumes and shifts stylistic and substantial boundaries and, on the other, culls new strategies and dynamics into the poetics of mystic and militant verse writings in Punjabi.

Foreword (Raj Kumar Hans) / 9

Acknowledgements (Neeti Singh) / 15

Introduction (Neeti Singh) / 17

Sri Gur Katha / 45

    Ardas / 53

    Ustati / 59

    Chitra Kalgidhar Ji Ka / 69

    Amrit-Bidhi / 129

    Rahit / 133

Index / 141

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