Death and After

by: Surindar Singh Kohli

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  • ISBN: 81-7205-221-9
  • Edition(s): Jan-2014 / 4th
  • Pages: 104
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The present work begins with a general chapter containing, in a nutshell, the description of the subject in the Scripture. After this the visible death and the time of death have been discussed. Then three elegies have been given, two by the founder Guru and one by the third Guru. The next chapter is on the messages of death, which we receive in various ways. After this the god of death i.e. Yama, who is also called the god of justice i.e. Dharmaraja has been described, mentioning his functions along with the conjunctive words and symbols used for him in the Scripture. This Chapter is followed by another chapter about the city of Yama and the path that he or his messengers traverse in order to fulfil their mission of extracting the soul from the body.

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