Attributes Of God

by: Surindar Singh Kohli

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  • ISBN: 81-7205-240-5
  • Edition(s): Sep-2010 / 2nd
  • Pages: 93
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The book ‘Attributes of God’ is the third volume in the series “Guru Granth Sahib Speaks”. This series was launched particularly for the Sikhs, who have settled abroad and are mostly ignorant about their great spiritual heritage. These books aim to create in them a greater understanding of their own religions. This book is a humble attempt to enlist the few attributes of God e.g. He is only one, He has no second, this shows that He is All-Powerful and Omnipotent. He has created a vast Universe and all the solar-system and Himself vibrates through every atom. Therefore, He is called All-Pervading and Omnipresent. He is a Conscious power. He sees and knows everything. Therefore, He is known as the Omniscient Lord. He has another form as the Primal Guru and this Form of His is there within us, known as ‘kindly Light’. Whereas He pervades everywhere, He is also within us as our Lord and Guru. Whatever He does, he does not seek the advice of anyone. All the visible and invisible worlds are His own Creation. The highest form of creation in this world is the human being, who has been endowed with such qualities, which enable him to rise higher not only mentally, but also spiritually.

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