Illustrated Martyrdom Tradition

by: Satbir Singh (Prin.)

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  • Edition(s): reprint Jan-2008
  • Pages: 36
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‘Illustrated Martyrdom Tradition’ manifests our eminent history. The martyrdom tradition starts with the Fifth Guru, Guru Arjan Sahib’s martyrdom-the Sovereign among the martyrs and afterwards the letter martyrdom history was created by the Beloved Gursikhs by practicing the Guru’s orders and fighting against the wind of tyranny for the noble cause of the truth, true faith and justice. In this volume, the glorious accounts of all the martyrs, from Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji, ‘The King’ among martyrs’, to Baba Gurbax Singh have been given with apt illustrations. By dwelling upon the holy words of the martyrs and their portraits, one feels convinced that they stood the ordeal on the strength of the Faith ingrained in them by GURBANI, the Holy name.

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