Karam Singh Historian (S.)

Karam Singh Historian (09.03.1884-10.09.1930) a Sikh Historian was born to Jhand Singh in Chabal, District Tarn Taran.

He passed matriculation from Tarn Taran and joined Khalsa College, Amritsar for further studies. He was so much induced to Sikh history that he left his studies in-between in 1904-1905 to record the statements of old people who witnessed the Sikh Rule, as many of them were dying due to the epidemic of plague in those days. He travelled to remote villages to collect important information from them. He also attempted to visit Mecca.

He was well acquainted with the rare source material of Sikh history especially in Persian language. He had collected a large collection of published works and oral evidences of the witnesses by spending over 20 years. He had a very sharp memory and historical events, dates and other details were on his tips. He scrutinized the material logically and brought the truth in light. His analysis of historical evidences is scientific and his works are landmark in Sikh historiography. He had been a State Historian of Patiala State.

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