Life of Banda Singh Bahadur

by: Ganda Singh (Dr.)

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The case of Banda Singh Bahadur presents perhaps, the strangest array of difficulties and paradoxes in the whole range of Sikh biography. No biography of his, written during his life time by any of his admirers or impartial writers, has no far been unearthed to give us first-hand and reliable information on his life and work. No doubt, there are works by Bhangu Rattan Singh Shahid, Bhai Santokh Singh and Bhai Gyan Singh with chapters on him; there are sketches by Daulat Singh, Sohan Singh, and Karam Singh, and there are sections allotted to this subject in almost all the books that deal with the rise of the Sikh nation. But unfortunately no account of Banda Singh so far written by a contemporary or a later writer-Muslim, Hindu, or Sikh-exhibits his true character.

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