Life Stories of The Sikh Saints

by: Harbans Singh Doabia

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  • ISBN: 81-7205-143-3
  • Edition(s): Feb-2012 / 4th
  • Pages: 119
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There have been Real Saints in the Sikh History. This book includes the story of Baba Nand Singh Ji and short life stories of Baba Isher Singh Ji of Kaleran, Baba Karam Singh Ji of Hoti Mardan, Baba Aya Singh Ji of Hoti Mardan, Baba (principal) Teja Singh Ji of Mastuana. Some more facts and some sermons relating to Baba Attar Singh Ji of Mastuana have also been added.

Introduction / 13

The Hiatus after Ranjit Singh / 16

The Queen Mother / 23

The Journey Downhill / 39

The Smouldering Embers / 50

The Flutterings and Resistance / 63

Forging Rebellion / 72

Sheikhupura, Banares and Chunar / 90

The Last Phase: Kathmandu and The End / 106

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