Vir Singh (Bhai)

Vir Singh Bhai (05.12.1872-10.06.1957) a Punjabi mystic poet, a scholar and a Sikh Theologian born to Uttam Kaur and Charan Singh in Amritsar. He was married to Chatur Kaur.

Saint Poet Bhai Vir Singh was the product of Singh Sabha Movement. He was the harbinger of revivalism in the Sikh Society. He had the advantage to get traditional as well as modern education. He learnt the Sikh scripture from traditional scholars. He was also proficient in Persian, Urdu and Sanskrit. He was influenced by Christian missionaries who used literary sources to induce some of his classmates to change to Christianty. He thought to use his own writing skills to teach the principle of Sikhism to the strayed people. He tried to promote Sikhism through his works and also created strong women characters and included the notion of gender equality in the Sikh Society. His role in the preservation of Sikh source material is also well regarded in Sikh Scholarship.

He was associated with many Sikh Philanthropic organizations and was instrumental to bring change in the Sikh mind. He was the founder of Khalsa Tract society and also one of the founders of Punjab and Sind Bank.

Punjab University Lahore awarded him for 'Bharthari Hari: Jiwan Te Nikki Shatak' (1916). Government of India awarded him Padam Bhushan (1956). Panjab University conferred him D.Litt (Hon.) degree in 1956. He was also awarded Sahitya Akademi Award in 1955, besides numerous other awards by different literary and religious forums.

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