Saragarhi And The Defence of The Samana Forts : The 36th Sikhs in the Tirah Campaign (1897-98)

by: Amarinder Singh

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  • ISBN: 978-81-873-3067-7
  • Edition(s): reprint Sep-2017
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Saragarhi was a small fortress manned by twenty-two men of the 36th Sikhs, under the command of Havaldar Ishar Singh. At 0900 hours on the 12th of September 1897, 8000 tribals – Orakzais and Afridis, launched an attack on Saragarhi. The garrison bravely held its ground for 6 hours 45 minutes killing 200 tribals and wounding another 600. All twenty-two men at Saragarhi continued to fight and died rather than surrender. This is the story of the Battle of Saragarhi, the defence of the remaining Samana forts by the 36th Sikhs, and their further deployment as part of the Malakand Field Force.

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