The Monsoon War Young Officers Reminisce : 1965 India-Pakistan War

by: Amarinder Singh

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  • Hardback
  • ISBN: 978-93-5194-150-7
  • Edition(s): Jan-2016 / 2nd
  • Pages: 573
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When Pakistan first attacked in September 1965, the main objective of the GOC-in-C of the Western Command, Lieutenant General Harbakhsh Singh, was not to cede a single square inch of Indian land to the enemy. And despite the valour and strategic brilliance of the Pakistan Army and Air Force, the Indian Armed Forces, though sheer strength of will, emerged triumphant –sometimes even in battles where it first seemed that all was lost. The Monsoon War is an honest and gritty eye-witness account of the 1965 war, as it happened, retold by two men who fought it. Amarinder Singh, who served as ADC to the man of the moment, Lieutenant General Harbakhsh Singh; and Lieutenant General Tajinder Shergill, who was then Troop Leader, I Troop C Squadron Deccan Horse, and was taken prisoner of war after a forlorn hope tank attack. Their no-holds-barred narrative brings to life the various battles fought, and the human stories of the many brave soldiers who fought for both countries.

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