by: Vir Singh (Bhai)

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  • ISBN: 81-904956-2-2
  • Edition(s): reprint Jan-2009
  • Pages: 88
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Sundri is the first Punjabi novel which comes from the pen of Bhai Vir Singh. It was conceived during the time period when it was imperative to boost the morale of the Sikhs after the downfall and subsequent annexation of the kingdom of Punjab. The path of austerity was hard to pursue and people had fallen prey to mundane pleasures. Bhai Vir Singh, surcharged with the spirit to redeem the glory of the Sikhs and with abundance of knowledge wrote voluminous literature of didactic nature. He had a purpose in view and his entire efforts were to achieve the same by awakening the masses and the intellectuals to imbibe practical aspects of Sikh religion.

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