Rare Are Such Souls [A Homage to Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen]

by: Gurwinder Singh Komal (Giani)

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  • Hardback
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  • Edition(s): Jan-2017 / 1st
  • Pages: 144
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In this book Giani Gurwinder Singh Ji Komal has beautifully portrayed the so closely relished love and compassion-filled life of Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen. This book is not a biography as it is; it is a brief profile of declineation of some of the Guru-blessed characteristics which explicit in Maskeen Ji’s life. In today’s world, we cannot see a more pious and holy soul than Maskeen Ji. Besides the sublime effect of his Hari Katha, his own personality had an overpowering magnetic effect upon everyone. His life reveals that if “TRUTH” shines in our hearts, then a human being lives ever in ecstatic intoxication and enjoys the ultimate blissful joy of the sou

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