Blissful State of Equilibrium

by: Sant Singh Maskeen (Panth Rattan Giani)

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  • Edition(s): Jan-2013 / 1st
  • Pages: 156
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Sehaj is a state of the mind, meaning total focusing or concentration of mind – Spiritual stability. On reaching this state, person becomes fearless, there is no fear of death. The Katha of Sehaj is unique, neither one can weigh it nor measure it in any way. In this book, the subjects he has touched for instance Sehaj Ki Katha, Streams of knowledge, Dasa Bhav, Remembrance of God’s name with tongue in union with the heart etc. are simply amazing and awe-striking.

Few Words – Editor Harjit Singh / 1

Foreword / 3

Sehaj di Katha / 5

Three Streams of Knowledge / 28

Shabad : Aahat and Anahat (Five layers of the Human Body) / 53

Importance of ‘Dasa Bhav’ (Feelings of being a Slave) / 79

Death of ‘Mind’ Before The Death of Physical ‘Body’ / 96

Union of Tongue and Heart in Remembrance of God’s Name / 116

Spiritual Sphere and The World (Two Spheres) / 136

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